Коды ошибок кондиционеров Hitachi

LED 301
Range: Summit / Mono / Multizone Indoor unit
01 Indoor coil is too warm in cooling mode or too cold in heating mode.
Reversing valve or coil thermistor is faulty
02 Forced operation from the outdoor unit.
This is not an error
03 Communication error.
Faulty wiring, indoor or outdoor PCB faulty
04 Outdoor unit fault.
Check the number of flashes on outdoor PCB LED 301 to confirm exact problem
06 Float switch activated.
Check pump operation and drain
07 Drain pump forced operation.
Drain test switch in test position, faulty PCB
08 Louvre not opening.
Louvre motor faulty, microswitch faulty, PCB faulty (FtAF unit only)
09 Faulty indoor unit thermistor.
Air inlet or coil thermistor not connected, open or short circuited faulty PCB
10 Indoor fan motor over current or abnormal rotation speed.
Faulty motor or PCB
13 Eprom data error.
Faulty PCB


LED 301 flashes Range: Summit / Mono / Multizone outdoor unit
1 Normal, unit powered up
2 Over current on the compressor
Faulty PCB or locked compressor
with LED302 lit
Over current on the compressor
System power module or PCB failure
3 Compressor rotation speed is low, abnormal compressor rotor position
Faulty system power module, faulty compressor or PCB
4 Switching failure on the compressor
Faulty system power module, faulty compressor or PCB
5 Compressor rotation low with over current detected
High pressure detected, faulty fan motor/circuit or abnormally low voltage
6 Discharge thermistor temperature rising
Short of refrigerant charge, faulty thermistor, faulty compressor faulty fan motor/circuit or main PCB
7 Faulty thermistor (Summit and Monozone only)
8 Compressor not accelerating above minimum rotation speed
Short of refrigerant charge or faulty compressor
9 Communication error
C/D terminals not connected, faulty interconnecting cable PCB failure {Summit and Monozone only)
10 Abnormal voltage
Mains voltage incorrect or faulty reactor
12 Fan motor rotation is abnormal
Faulty fan motor or PCB {check fuse)
13 Eprom error
Main PCB failure
14 Over voltage is detected by system power module
Faulty SPM